Ethical Code

In a changing environment as that of our time and place, financial indicators are insufficient to adequately measure entrepreneurial success. That is why we wish to define the principles that also govern our daily work. We do not consider as meritorious commercial success that is not accompanied by the continuous accomplishment of the following principles:

  • 1. Vocation for truth

    We consider it fundamental to divulge truthful, precise, opportune and valuable information through out our publications, reports and surveys, as well as offering an objective and intelligent fact analysis and a consistent and transparent editorial opinion. In our dealings with our sources of information we keep confidentiality of what is handed to us as such, and we are respectful of reserve for those who want it. In the case of surveys, we respect anonymity of those surveyed, unless expressly authorized.

  • 2. Quality of service

    We do our best to offer each and every one of our individual clients a personal service, sensible to their requirements, and responsible and reliable as to the outcome.

    We aim at continuous innovation to respond to market requirements, adequate our organization to technological development and advance towards excellence in each of the products and services we offer.

    We procure a constant improvement in the usefulness, opportunity, precision, synthesis and style quality of our publications and reports; and we keep confidentiality of information and knowledge obtained through specific commissions.

    The APOYO’s opinion is autonomous and independent of any power group.

  • 3. Worker responsibility

    Those of us working at APOYO, consider the company’s objectives and policies as ours and we assume growing responsibilities in the identification of opportunities and problem solving, as well as offering our best effort to the improvement of the development, prestige and projection of the company.

    We try to act in a way that will preserve and increase trust deposited in us by our clients and readers, diverse sources of information and the general public. Our workers consider a responsibility the recognition of errors and eventual conflicts of interest, as well as avoiding situations that could damage the company’s good name.

  • 4. Company growth

    We attempt to achieve a consistent growth and an attractive profitability based on the creativity and innovation of our workers, an adequate positioning in the markets we serve, taking advantage from our comparative advantages in a context of cordial competition, from austerity and efficient use of available resources, and the continuous improvement of APOYO’s prestige as a leading enterprise on information services, knowledge and ideas referred to the integral development of Peru.

  • 5. Commitment to Peru

    Through our activities we aim at the promotion of economic growth, respect for the Constitution and laws, assertion of political democracy, as well as development of representative civilian institutions and cultural values that will stimulate individual initiative and affirmation of a common conscience among the members of the societies in which we participate, specially in Peru.

    APOYO, therefore, encourages employees to participate in civic, educational and social activities that integrally projecting their role as citizens.

  • 6. Personnel development

    We aspire to the creation of an environment that will promote the development of all workers and that will reinforce them in their individual search for optimization of their potential.

    We stimulate individual creativity as well as teamwork in order to keep a balance between institutional unity and identity and required autonomy for maximization of innovation and efficiency.

    APOYO aspires to offer every one of its workers precise objectives, an impartial performance evaluation, continuous instruction and training, as well as recognition and a salary that will reward their contributions to accomplishment of entrepreneurial goals.

  • 7. Team spirit

    Every one’s imaginative work is stimulated in an environment of comradeship, mutual respect, integrity, consideration and impartial treatment, this way which allows a context with space for humor and self-criticism.

    APOYO seeks an open and sincere communication among all its workers; one that will stimulate individual initiative without ignoring the fact that sharing experiences contributes to a larger intellectual and cultural development, as well as to a growing spirit of cooperation and achievement.